Traditional Shed

Fort Collins Shed

8×12 Traditional Shed

Our Traditional style shed is a very popular model. It is the least expensive shed that offers 16″ on center framing and pressure treated joists. It includes an increased roof pitch when compared to our Economy shed and has a 5″ roof overhang. It also includes a 30 year dimensional shingle as a standard feature. Many competitors only include a 25 year 3-tab shingle that do not meet H.O.A. requirements and add additional charges for the 30 year dimensional shingle.


5/12 roof pitch with 5″ overhang

4×4 pressure treated skids and 2×4 pressure treated joists

2×4 joists, studs, and rafters spaced 16″ on center

primed LP Smartside Siding and trim

7/16″ roof sheathing with 15LB felt underlayment

style D drip edge with 30 year dimensional shingles

wall height up to 7.5Ft. and double wooden door – up to 6′ wide

black coated door hinges, spring loaded barrel bolts, and keyed door latch