Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

This agreement is between the customer, and Esh Construction LLC., herein referred to as EC LLC. I, the customer, acknowledge and agree to the following:

  1. Building permits or community documents of approval may be required in your area. These permits, documents, and all related structural modification costs may be available but are not included in this sale. The customer/homeowner is responsible to find out what is required in their location unless otherwise stated on a formal estimate.


2. Additional options or customizations for this building are available. If these additions or changes are desired, they must be itemized on a formal estimate. The customer is responsible for requesting and reviewing the estimate to ensure that all issues that have been discussed have been documented accordingly. EC LLC reserves the right to cancel any sale for a full refund if they feel they cannot fufill it for any reason.

3. Additional sales tax may apply to this sale based on customer’s specific location. This will be calculated and is payable at the time of construction or completion of the building.

4. EC LLC includes mileage and delivery within 30 miles of EC LLC’s location in Fort Collins. Customer is responsible for all additional mileage and delivery costs incurred beyond 30 miles of this location. A mileage fee of $4 per loaded mile (one way) will be added to the final invoice and due upon completion of this project if it exceeds 30 miles.

5. Customer is responsible to provide a level building site and be ready for construction prior to EC LLC’s arrival. Extensive blocking and leveling may be subject to additional costs. These costs will be due upon completion of the project.

6. Building site must be accessible by EC LLC upon arrival and adequate parking must be available within 300 feet of building site.

7. EC LLC. is not responsible for obtaining any surveys, ILC’s , satisfying any type of community homeowner covenants or architectural committee requirements or anything required by the County or City to obtain a building permit unless otherwise detailed on a formal estimate. Customer shall be responsible for any costs incurred due to required upgrades. EC LLC will obtain building permits upon Customer’s request if building permit is required. Permit, processing, setback certification, surveys, ILCs, property variance and engineering fees are added costs and billed to customer. If order is canceled due to building code requirements of the County or City and/or building department or home owner’s association after construction has begun, EC LLC will obtain any costs incurred. Please check with your local building department for property requirements and setbacks.

8. If the Customer cancels their order prior to construction, they are entitled to a refund minus any costs incurred by EC LLC, permit costs, costs by any of its supplier’s or subcontractor’s, or any other costs incurred up to the time of cancellation.

9. EC LLC will strive to expedite the completion of this building. Typical lead times are 4-6 weeks from the time of placing an order. However, should any unexpected delays occur, EC LLC cannot be held liable for compensation.

10. Neither EC LLC nor any of its affiliates and subcontractors are responsible for damage to Lawns, Trees, Fences, Driveways, Sprinkler systems , Electrical systems, Septic systems, Roads, et cetera, resulting from normal craning, construction, and delivery procedures, unless EC LLC accesses the site without the customer’s permission or doesn’t follow Customer’s directions.

11. Customer permits EC LLC to use all photos related to the projects being constructed on their site for the purpose of adverstising or other purposes within EC LLC.

12. Should Customer make any changes to this order, EC LLC will bill customer accordingly. Payment for these changes are due prior to construction or at the time of completion.

13. Should Customer fail to pay as agreed upon in this agreement, Customer shall pay all collection, Court, litigation, attorney, or any other fees incurred.