Colorado Pergola

Standard Pergola

$1,595.00 state tax

Installation included

Rough Sawn Cedar Lumber

4×4 Posts

2×6 double support headers, rafters spacing 24″ on center, 2×4 shade slats 7″ on center or 2×2 shade slats 4″ on center

Posts set below grade in concrete or anchored to existing patio

Freestanding or attached to house on typical lap siding. (ledger, flashing, joist hangers, and fasteners included)

**Photos may display options that are available at additional costs. Sales tax not included.

**Please check with your homeowners association and local building department for size and height restrictions prior to ordering. Building permits are available at additional costs.


Pergola Dimensions

Measured at roof line – Posts are typically 12″ within roof line

8″x30″ Concrete Caissons

Optional post footer

Stain Application

Single coat Olympic stain applied off-site prior to construction

Corbel Braces

Optional 2×6 Corbel Braces