Deluxe Barn

Storage Barn

Gambrel Barn

The Deluxe Barn is our tallest standard shed design. It includes a gambrel roof. This provides much more interior overhead space than that of other sheds. Lofts and shelves can easily be added to utilize this space. This creates a large additional storage area without crowding the shed.

Deluxe Barn SPECS:

gambrel roof

4×4 pressure treated skids and 2×4 pressure treated joists

2×4 joists, studs, and rafters spaced 16″ on center

primed LP Smartside siding and trim

7/16″ roof sheathing with 15LB felt underlayment

style D roof drip edge with 30 year dimensional shingle

wall height up to 7.5Ft. and double wooden door – up to 6′ wide

black coated door hinges, spring loaded barrel bolts, and keyed door latch